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Last Saturday night I did something I rarely do anymore – even though I live the Internet Lifestyle – and I went to a popular Toronto nightclub with a big group of friends.

Now I have to give credit to this place. It’s as close to a Vegas nightclub as Toronto has ever come.

And there were marketing lessons galore…from a multi-tiered velvet rope strategy (regular line, guest list line, bottle service line) to doing everything they could to increase the average transaction size.

Quick big lesson here:

There are always clients who will pay more and take the highest priced product you have to offer.

So make sure to have upsells and give them everything they want. In fact, you’ll probably even have clients who still can’t get enough of you even though they have bought everything you have. But that’s not the worst problem to have.

But back to the nightclub…

A friend of a friend that was there is a personal trainer/gym manager at a high end Racquet club here in the city. I washappy to hear that he also had a copy of Turbulence Training.

But I was disappointed to hear that he was working 14 hours per day and pretty much going crazy with frustration at his schedule.

The 5am wake-ups, the getting home after 7 or 8pm, the lack of time for himself, his girlfriend, and his old hobbies were wearing him down fast.

Unfortunately, like most trainers, he thought that more technical education was the answer. And he had just plunked down $1000 on a fat loss seminar.

But that’s not the answer to his problem.

He’s already certified. He knows his anatomy, physiology, etc. Heknows enough now to get his clients maximum results. (After all, as I mentioned before, he already has his copy of Turbulence Training!)

Getting highly advanced (theoretical) knowledge about fat loss is not going to help him reduce his workload hours or charge more per session.

It probably won’t even help his clients get better results.

As I said, he has the knowledge to help his clients get results now, the only thing that might be slowing that down would be his ability to keep his clients motivated and inspired to be consistent.

But to solve his most important problem and help him live a more civilized lifestyle (or at least get paid better for the 12-14 hour days he puts in now), he needs to learn…

a) How to run bootcamps

b) How to transfer his clients into semi-private training

c) How to make more money online

For the first two, anything from Pat Rigsby, Jim Labadie, and Alwyn Cosgrove will help.

And for the last option, the one that allows the ultimate lifestyle, he needs his own copy of the OSP Seminar-in-a-Box. I offered to help him with a discount but haven’t heard from him since.

I worry the next time I see him, things are going to be even worse.


I had a great sushi lunch with an OSP Success Story last week inVancouver.

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Helping you make more money selling fitness online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS- And here’s another Internet Success Story…

“Craig, I wanted to take a minute to write you and tell you about the success I had with my recent ebook launch. I released the ebook last Sunday using just google adwords. Following your adwords strategies in your June report I beat my weekly goal by a few hundred dollars.

Not to mention that one tip you shared with me has led to more daily traffic each day for 5 cents a click. Today marked the startof my 3-day promo launch following some of your guidelines in the OSP newsletter. Combined with a few of the tips I got from the OSP mastermind group,I’m about to eclipse my total online income from last week in just 9 hours!”
Jimmy Smith,

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