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This Internet success story comes from Mike Roulston, a former IT-guy turned personal trainer and leader of one of Vancouver’s most successful boot camp companies. And he literally went from $0 to $10,000 per month in only 7 months.

If he can do it, YOU can do it.

I met with Mike last week in Vancouver, and he’ll be attending the OSP 2008 Seminar in Toronto as well. Here’s Mike’s Internet success story…

“It was great meeting with you today. Just talking with you about business has really energized me to keep working hard towards all of my goals.

Here is an interesting timeline of my early failures, and recent success, and how you and OSP fit into all of it. I think it’s a pretty interesting story.

January 2007 – Not yet a certified personal trainer, and still working in my previous career (in a job that I was committed to seeing through to the end of 2007), I registered the domain.

Throughout the year, as I worked towards getting my certifications, I spent a lot of time painstakingly building an elaborate brochure website.

September 2007 – I got my personal trainer certification, and my website was ready to be launched as soon as I finished my IT job and was able to deal with the tidal wave of clients that I was expecting to flood in via my “beautiful website”.

January 2008 - Finished with my previous career, I dove headfirst into a career as a personal trainer, and launched the website that I had spent a huge amount of time building and fine-tuning over the previous year.

I felt that the website was amazing and I was confident that I would get a lot of clients via the site. I didn’t get a single call or email during the month of January.

February 2008 to March 2008 - I got exactly 5 personal training clients from February to the end of March, with all but one of those clients purchasing the minimum 4 sessions.

From January to the end of March, I earned around $1000. As the days went by and I was earning almost no money, I was really starting to worry.

April 2008 - I discovered your Turbulence Training website, and I really took notice at the way the site was written. It was at this time that I realized the impressive popularity of your TT program, and that you had incredibly popular videos all over YouTube, and a lot of your content was ranking very high the Google search listings.

I knew that my future success was going to be based on watching you and trying to model my success after yours. I immediately realized that my brochure site was a problem, and that I needed to change to a one page sales copy site.

I bought your TT program on April 4th. By mid-April, I still was still earning almost no money, and my was was a complete bust, so I decided to try to launch a boot camp program (to start on May 5th) and use a one page site similar to your TT site to promote it.

On April 19th, I registered, and immediately created a simple one page site that literally look me an evening to create and put online.

Within the first week, I had filled up one class (10 people), so I decided to try to fill another class.

Within 45 minutes of updating the site with info about the second class, I had two people register. I ended up filling up the second class as well (10 people), for a total of 20 people registering in two weeks, which earned me $2500 in May for working one hour a day.

I earned more money in May than in January, February, March, and April combined.

May – Riding high from filling two boot camp classes in two weeks, I decided to add 3 more classes to the website and try to fill 5 boot camps (max 10 people per class) for June.

I setup a merchant account so that people could register and pay online (the previous month people were paying by cash or cheque), and for the June program I ended up with 43 people registered which earned me $6,055 (I increased my prices for the June program).

June- Success continued in June when I had 56 people register for my July boot camp program, which earned me $10,275 (I increased my prices again).

July- I currently have 30 people registered for the August boot camp, which is set to earn me $5,520.

Using data from the last two months to project how many people I think will sign up this weekend before the camp starts next week, I expect the August program to end up with around 45 people registered for an income $7,500.

Not as high as July, but still very good.

So in the three months since I’ve been following you and modeling my business around what I’ve learned from analyzing you and your websites, I’ve earned $18,830, and August is shaping up to be a pretty good month as well.

I just finished watching the last Online SuperProfits Seminar DVD this week, and that seminar is an absolute gold mine of information.

I plan to re-watch it a couple of times over the next month or so and take more notes, and I’m very excited about working hard to put all that info to good use. I have several ideas of ebooks, and the OSP system is also going to greatly improve the way that I market and sell my boot camp classes.

I am also attending your seminar in Toronto in December. And lastly, going forward I would like to be a part of your mastermind group. Provided that there is room for me, and you are interested in having me be part of the group. definitely keep me in the loop on how and when I can join, as I really want to be a part of it.


Mike Roulston

PS – Btw, I just listened to your audio CD with Vince Delmonte.

You were talking about speed of implementation, which was also a key discussion point during your OSP DVDs. I’m trying to keep that in my head every day, and since last Friday I’ve done the following:

- registered a domain name for my ebook

- written all of the ad copy for the sales page

- paid Jon at to make me an ecover and a header for my site

- written out a chapter by chapter outline of the book, including a further point by point breakdown of what will be in each chapter.

The only thing left is to write the book. I’ve given my self a goal of having it done no later than this Friday evening. So I’ve learned a ton from you already, and one of the things that has hit home this week has been speed of implementation.

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July 31, 2008

Amur El, LMBT, #7174, CPT @ 7:36 am

Hi Craig. Great story. I’m happy for the guy and continuely inspired by you and guys like this. I’m working on some big things myself.
Thanks man for the stories.
Keep it moving and
“Do What You Do”

Amur El

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August 1, 2008

MMA Fitness Training @ 6:59 pm

Hey Craig,

That is a very inspirational story and it speaks to the power contained in your OSP DVD’s.

Hope to see you in September in Coneticut and again in Toronto.

Take Care
MMA Fitness Training

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