Big Idea Breakthrough

Big day today as I made a Big Idea Breakthrough in my business…

But the day got off to a rough start, or actually, a late start due to my sleeping in. However, that is what happens when you refuse to use an alarm clock.

So after a dog walk and breakfast, I didn’t get going till after 9pm. Fortunately, one of my morning appointments cancelled and it freed up some time.

So things were starting to get better.

And then before my workout, I booked my plane ticket for NYC for next week as I’m attending a Dan kennedy Seminar downtown, then heading to Boston for a couple of days to see a former client and visit my Men’s Health colleague David Jack at his gym in Boston.

Things kept getting better…

And then during my workout, the big idea breakthrough hit me.

(I often find that my best ideas come during three activities…

1 – Taking a shower
2 – Walking the dog
3 – Working out

So always keep a notepad handy!)

The Big Idea Breakthrough was a relief, because recently I’ve been struggling with a few things in my business that I don’t want to be doing.

But today I realized…I didn’t do THOSE things to get where I am…so why should I be doing them now…I can use the same strategies – the ones I like to do and the ones I’m good at – to build my business from this point forward.

So not only was this big idea breakthrough a relief, but also an inspiration.

And so far today, I’ve used my “old school” strategies with great success. I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming OSP Inner Circle member’s newsletter.

You can succeed doing things you LIKE to do,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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