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“If ordinary people realized how ordinary in capability most millionaires are, there’d be a lot more millionaires – what holdspeople back isn’t lack of opportunity or capability, but the illusory belief that millionaires possess some special abilities they do not.”
Dan Kennedy
Well I doomed and gloomed you last week…

But I have an admission to make. I wrote all those emails from a$409 per night hotel room on the gold Concierge Level floor of the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

I ate so much smoked salmon in the lounge that I’m worried I might have contributed to overfishing the Pacific Salmon stocks.

I also spent the week at a seminar full of millionaires – heck, most were multi-millionaires. I shook hands with a man worth two BILLION dollars. I walked around downtown Vancouver where apparently you can’t get a condo for less than a million bucks.

So recession or not, there is a LOT of money and opportunity out there for you.

But it’s easy for you to think otherwise…to think that the world is coming to an end…that all of your clients are going to lose their homes and their jobs, and then you will too.

That’s if you pay attention to the wrong media.

On the other hand, here are 3 things you can do to get the right mindset to find more opportunity in these turbulent times.

1) Do one “affluent” thing per month

This is one of my “Magic Hundred” goals (if you haven’t read Dax’s book on the Magic Hundred and started using his plan, do so immediately!).

Click HERE for the Magic Hundred Goal Setting Program

Each month, or more frequently if possible, I try to live an”affluent experience”.

Recently, this has included…

a) Renting a cottage in the affluent area of “cottage country” up here in Ontario…and then driving around to see the $5 million dollar cottages owned by the NHL players and rock stars

b) Staying in the Fairmont Hotel on the Concierge Level where they treat you “extra special” and cater to your every need.

The full spread breakfast in the morning, the complimentary drinks and snacks all day, and the hors d’oeuvres and “honesty policy” bar in the afternoon, the desserts available after dinner, and the constant attention to make sure you were enjoying your stay was something I could get used to.

NOTE: You don’t have to spend money to have an affluent experience.

You could simply browse the expensive shops in your city, or go look at an expensive open house, or even window shop fancy cars.

You just need to know that the “affluent” world exists.

This will expand your mind and inspire you to keep working on your projects, improving your website, and creating your ebooks.

Trust me, there is still a huge, WIDE-OPEN market for fitness pro’s to help thousands and thousands of people around the world to lose fat, get fit, and stay motivated.

The market is NOT saturated and you have just as much opportunity as me, Alwyn Cosgrove, Valerie Waters, Ryan Lee, or Vince DelMonte has to succeed.

2) Read Dan Kennedy’s book, “Marketing to the Affluent”.

In this Dan Kennedy classic, he provides 16 keys to selling toaffluent clients, and focuses specifically on addressing the needsof affluent Boomers, who want to save time, have their life made easy, and don’t want to get ripped off. (Sounds like me!)

As an OSP Inner Circle newsletter member, you’ll get my book review in the August OSP newsletter that goes out this week.

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3) Network with other High-Level experts & observe those who are succeeding right now

Even though my OSP Mastermind Group is full, you can still experience the small group coaching by attending the OSP 2008 seminar this December 1st & 2nd in Toronto.

In addition to the 30 minute hot seat where we’ll work on your business, you get to spend 2 full days (including the evening of the first day where we’ll attend an “affluent experience”) with me in a small group setting.

Essentially, personal coaching for 2 full days.

Plus, all the latest insider secrets of mine to help you dramatically increase your online sales in 2009.

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Helping you make more money selling fitness online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS- What did I learn at a nightclub this weekend?

I’ll tell you tomorrow about my conversation with the frustrated personal trainer I met at a Toronto nightclub on Saturday…and whathe can do to put an end to his 14-hour days of training and working”for the man”…

Grab your copy of the Online SuperProfits System and start building the life YOU want to live:

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