What the Internet Lifestyle is All About

“You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it GOING.” – Mike Litman

The emphasis, in CAPS, is mine.

No matter how many times I scream it at the top of my outdoor email voice, some folks are still taking too long to get going.

Perhaps you prefer Woody Allen instead?

“1/3 of success is showing up. Another 1/3 is showing up on time.”

Time for you to show up!

Because if you want “MY SECRET” to online success, that’s it.

I’ve been showing up since 1999. Day in, day out. Moving things ahead one day at a time.

Before I had a website I had an email list. For TWO YEARS, I sent out a newsletter. I had no products, not even a site to refer them to…

…but still I kept showing up.

Finally, I got my website going in 2001. But didn’t start selling product till 2002.

But all the time, plugging away. Showing up. Networking. Making contacts. Learning to write better. Finding out what folks wanted.

And giving it to them.

Eventually, you know the rest of the story. From there, on to Turbulence Training. Big breakthroughs in 2005 and 2006.

And showing up bigger and bigger in 2007.

(If you don’t know the full story, I spend the first hour of the OSP Seminar documenting everything I did – including every big break I earned – to take TT to where it is today.)

And so that’s how I did it.

That’s how I designed the lifestyle I want to lead.

One that allows me to travel around and go to seminar after seminar in all types of industries while I feed my little addiction to learning.

That’s what its all about for me.

To be able to come to Vancouver on holiday and…

=> learn, study, write, report back to you about how you can improve your website

=> tour around the city and cross another place off my “to visit” list

=> see old friends from college, give them workout advice, have a nice meal with them

=> visit nice little restaurants and pubs with friends and pick up the tab without checking the menu price when I order

=> give young college-aged kids a 100% tip on the bill because they’re going to have much more fun with the money than I ever could!

These are all small things, but BIG THINGS to me.

These little things are why I designed my lifestyle as is, using my OSP System.

Weird bit of trivia for you…

I rarely know what day it is. I can’t figure out if its Monday or Friday. I have no 9-5, no boundaries set but my own. No place to be at 5:45am on Tuesday so I can train someone who doesn’t want to be there in the first place.

It’s a nice freedom from a schedule, and a huge freedom from a nickel-and-dime budget.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I remember when I had to double-check my order against the money in my pocket. Would I have enough? Should I just look at the appetizer menu or dare I venture over to the entrees?

Nowadays, if I want to go and take a friend to lunch and leave 100 bucks on a 50 dollar restaurant bill, I can do it…and not think twice. And that will make the server’s day.

Very small simple pleasures like that…that’s what its all about.

That’s what OSP has meant for me.

=> To not even look at menu prices.

=> To give a gift per day (as per one of my Magic Hundred Goals).

=> To go on amazon and order a book for someone and not give a thought to the price and shipping.

=> To download as many songs as I want from the Internet and not care how much they are.

=> To pay 22 bucks a day so my dog can go to doggy camp.

Simple, simple, simple little things like that.

That’s the stuff that matters to me and the stuff that is made possible by OSP.

I don’t need a Porsche. Or a 72-inch TV. Or $600 shoes. But if I can take a high school buddy out for a beer – imported even! – and pay for it, I’m happy as can be.

And I can give. I’ve written checks for 1000 and 5000 bucks to charities in the last 8 months and it doesn’t even phase me.

Now I’m not going to be funding my own wing down at any hospital anytime soon, but I’ve brightened a few days.

How did I achieve this?

By following a proven system laid out by coaches, mentors, and folks who had, “Been there and done that” before me, so I wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes.

And by putting my proven system together in my OSP Seminar-in-a-Box,I’ve done the same for you.

Helping you make more money selling fitness online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS- Helping YOU is what its all about as well.

“Hey Craig, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and all of the incredible information in the OSP DVD’s. Last November I launched the first version of my site which proved NO results. I barely made any sales and was getting no traffic. I came across your DVD’s in April and by DVD #2 I emailed you and knew I had to join your Mastermind Group. You were living the life I wanted and I had to find out how. Now, less than 3 months later, I totally revamped my whole site, based on your recommendations (and my fellow mastermind members) and in the first hour of my site launch, I madeback the cost of the OSP DVD’s. Thanks Craig. My one on one training days will soon be over.”
Isabel De Los Rios

Grab your copy of the Online SuperProfits System and start building the life YOU want to live:
=> http://www.OnlineSuperProfits.com

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March 29, 2009

Tony M @ 12:35 pm

Awesome post. I can’t wait to be in the position u are. I started making paper written lists of everything I want to do and it his so powerful! OSP DVDs are at the top of my purchase.

Can’t wait.

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MakeMoreMoneyOnline.com @ 12:39 pm

Great to hear from you Tony, and I can’t wait to help you out!

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