3 Ways to Beat Recession

I have at least 3 ways to beat the recession with my online business. These tips will help me make more money no matter what the financial situation of Canada, the USA, or the rest of the world.

After all, a recession is coming. Today, at the Agora Financial Investment Seminar here in Vancouver,I was shocked to discover…

-> Average house prices have dropped 16% in the last year in the USA.

-> Wall Street has laid off ten’s of thousands of employees.

-> The suburbs are dying and we will soon lack the energy to sustain Suburbia.

-> The airline industry as we know it will be dead in 36 months. Most flights cause an airline to lose money.

-> An article in today’s “Globe and Mail” newspaper interviewed several men and women who left work for a week-long holiday and came back to find their jobs GONE.

And even one guy on my membership site had to cancel his subscription because he needed to “tighten his belt” (and not just from all the weight he’d lost).

A RECESSION is here or is almost here – at least in the USA.

The seminar even showed a new documentary here last night called, “I.O.U.S.A.” about how America is going bankrupt due to its financial liabilities.

Should I be worried?

After all, 75% of my TT orders come from America.

Fortunately, I’m NOT worried because of the 3 solutions below…

But are YOU worried? Or is your business covered by these…

1) Create multiple streams of income.

No doubt you’ve heard this before. This could mean having money coming in from…

a) Different websites

b) Different kinds of products (DVD’s, supplements, books, etc.)

c) Different niche markets

Recurring billing. Upsells. Cross-sells. Autoresponders with affiliate promotions. Do you have all these in place to create more than one source of income?

2) Develop stronger relationships with your readers.

Discover how to write with personality about the topics your readers care passionately about.

Do you know what they want? Do you have any idea how to find this out? Have you “entered the conversation” in your client’s mind?

3) Sell higher priced products.

Higher priced products give you more profit (duh!), but also the opportunity to spend more to get a customer. That’s long-term, business building thinking.

But how can I say this?

How can I tell you to charge more when everyone’s going broke?

Well, despite all the doom and gloom, there is also a huge amount of opportunity…in fact, some might say there’s never been this much opportunity for someone to improve their income than there is in these turbulent times.

After all, as Dan Kennedy reports, there has never been more discretionary income in America and the world.

So more to come on the bright future of selling fitness information products to the entire world in Monday’s email.

Until then, start building a bomb shelter around your business andmake it recession-proof.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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