Take More Vacation From the Internet

While on vacation I went 180 hours straight without the Internet! Exactly 7.5 days without checking email, surfing sports scores, or downloading music. A major accomplishment for me.

Not only did that help me relax and read a couple of books, but it also helped me improve my control over email. And there aren’t too many people who don’t need a little help with that chronic time-waster, right?

For more help on kicking the email habit, read my article from last wee:

=> How to end your email addiction

And when I got back from vacation, I went for a long walk with my puppy on Saturday afternoon through the city. I have to admit, I missed the “busy-ness” of the city and couldn’t wait to get back.

While we were at the dog park on Queen Street West in Toronto, I overheard two women talking about their vacation time, and I was shocked to hear one woman say she only gets 2 weeks per YEAR of holidays.


Two weeks per year?

How can people do it?

I need to get away at least once a month. My whole life is practically a holiday.

I couldn’t imagine being at the mercy of someone else’s schedule for 50 weeks of the year.

I might go crazy.

I know I’d be doing everything I possibly could to get out of that situation…like studying the OSP materials or listening to Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionare CD’s like I did all last week in my drive to and from the Lake.

I also read Dan’s two latest books, and made pages and pages of notes – and I’ll be sharing these two extensive book reviews with my OSP Mastermind Group members this week.

There’s no reason to go through life with only 10 days off per year.

Not when there is so much opportunity to design your life and live the Internet Lifestyle.

In fact, I’m holding a small, intimate seminar for for anyone who is SERIOUS about succeeding online and living the Internet Lifestyle.

Click Here for More Info about the Small Online SuperProfits 2008 Meeting

It’s a chance you won’t want to miss if you plan to make more money with your website in 2009 and take more time off.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Want to hear about the crazy adventures my dog got into last week?

Click here for a funny doggy story

PPS – Taking a long drive this summer?

There’s nothing better to listen to than the OSP Seminar CD’s. And you’ll get all of my OSP newsletters to read while you’re on the beach or by the pool. It’s the perfect reading material for summer:

=> Click HERE to get your Online SuperProfits

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