Do the Work That Makes the Money

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death and one of his most famous quotes is…

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” ~Bruce Lee

This applies to YOU and your website in a BIG way.


Because most people are running around focusing on the little things but neglecting the big work that pays the bills.

Ever since I can remember – since I’ve been running my Internet business anyways – I’ve always tried to work on ONLY things that will “pay the bills”.

For example, if I find myself going on a “detour”, reading an article unrelated to my business or working on a project that won’t help many people or pays peanuts, then I quickly cut that off and get back to something more important.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time for charity and volunteer work, but not during business hours.

Two months ago, while listening to a CD featuring another champion martial artist, Lloyd Irvin, he revealed that each morning he makes a list of the 3 most pressing profitable activities and doesn’t do anything else until he gets those 3 tasks accomplished.

Those are the 3 most important tasks on your “To Do” list. He hacks away the unessential and focuses on decreasing the daily clutter in his mind.

Only 3 vital tasks need to get done.

It makes your “To do” list a lot smaller, and you can quickly increase the size of your “Got Done” list.

Guys like Lloyd have such great info that I’d easily pay $500 for an hour on the phone with them to grill him for ideas.

Heck, last year I spent $250 to talk to online fitness info expert Mike Geary on the phone for an hour about improving my site.

I pay Yanik Silver $15K per year for his advice.

And I’m currently filling out an application for a $16,800 consulting day with Dan Kennedy.

All of these are investments in my business. All of it pays for itself quickly – within days.

And here’s a way for you to get my expert help with your website…

I’m working overtime on creating an intimate small group meeting that will be the BEST use of your time on December 1st & 2nd if you qualify to attend the OSP 2008 seminar.

With only 4 weeks to go before the January Online Fitness Gold Rush, you’ll discover how to put your website into OVERDRIVE and make more sales in 2009 than ever before.

I’ll reveal EVERYTHING that is working for me, including all my NEW online secrets I learned the hard way in 2008, such as…

-> How to create the right product for your market without wasting time or money

-> How I created, launched & sold 314 copies of an ebook in less than 72 hours

-> How to double the size of your list without increasing your website traffic

-> How to develop a deep, emotional trusting relationship with your clients to give them maximum results and help you create more sales over a long-term relationship

-> How to get more work done ON your business in less time

-> How to help more people & live the Internet Lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of!

Not only will you get 2 full days in a small group setting with just me and 9 other hand-picked fitness info experts, but you’ll also get:

-> A personal 1-hour pre-meeting call to go over the pressing issues in your business before we meet

-> A 30-minute hot seat with the group to brainstorm solutions to the obstacles in the way of making you more sales with less work

-> A special event on the evening of Monday, Dec. 1st

What could you be doing on those two days in December that would be more effective for boosting your business?

Come and make January your most profitable month ever with the secrets you discover on these two days in December…

But I’m only taking 8 people who qualify for the OSP 2008 small group meeting.

=> Click Here for Your OSP Application

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Remember, I’m allowing ONLY 10 of the most qualified, passionate, and enthusiastic OSP readers to attend.

(And TWO spots are already TAKEN.)

It’s a proven fact that if you are not exposed to higher levels of accomplishment than you will not succeed at the highest level possible.

That’s why I know it is essential to bring together a like-minded group of successful Internet Entrepreneurs to support one another in our business ventures.

Click here to apply for one of the 8 spots at the OSP 2008 event:


“Craig, I had to take a minute to give you some feedback about our phone call to. Before the call my mind was filled with questions about where to take my product but you gave me a step-by-stepaction plan to follow. One idea from you will instantly double my monthly profits IF I follow exactly what you said and I plan on doing it to the ‘t’. Two weeks ago I asked you to call me because I was worried about putting up the money for the coaching. Two weeks after that call and I’m laughing at myself for doubting it. With just the bonus copy of the OSP seminar and the first call alone, you’ve already over delivered on your end and delivered money in my bank account.”
Jimmy Smith

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