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One of the greatest things about making money online is being able to travel the world. I’m off to Vancouver next week, and to Aspen and Vegas next month.

And my friend Dax Moy, author of The Best Goal Setting Program in the World, travels even more than I do!

Check out where he’s been, all while making money online as he traveled…

“Just read your email that said there’s no reason to go through life with only 10 days off per year and was thinking about my own travels. How’d you like this? : )

July 2008 – 3 weeks in Thailand

April 2008 – 1 week in Thailand

Feb 2008 – 2 weeks in Bali, Indonesia

Jan 2008 – 5 days in Orlando, Florida

Sept 2007 – 4 weeks Thailand

Aug 2007 – 4 weeks Australia

April 2007 – 1 Week Thailand

Feb 2007 – 1 week Norway

Jan 2007- 2 Weeks Vietnam

Not bad huh?

In fact, I just looked at my passport and it shows 14 trips toThailand in 4 years, 2 trips to Australia (camping in the Outback, freefalling, scuba diving the Great barrier reef), trips toVietnam, Cambodia (we visited Angkor wat), Indonesia, Malaysia, 2 trips to Florida to take the kids to Disney, the South of France,Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome. 1 month camping in Tuscany, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo and even the ice hotel in Norway.

This is just the last 4 years.

I know there are a lot of guys earning many, many more dollars than me per year but I don’t know how many actually get to live the dream lifestyle they promised themselves they would when they ‘made it’.

One of the reasons I enjoy your newsletters is that you talk about what you’re DOING with the success you gain, rather than ‘just’ talking about making more money. Anyway, just me blabbering but it’s your fault. Your email set me off : )”
Dax Moy

Not surprisingly, Dax was at the OSP Seminar and he even spoke on stage, delivering a POWERFUL mindset presentation. It was the highlight of the seminar for me.

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Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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