How to Set Up Your Website

The best way to set up your website to make money online is to make a page for each single product, at least when you are first starting out.

The other night I was talking with a friend who was really, really upset about his website. Well, more about his website performance, really.

You see, like many people, he had built a website with a whole bunch of links on one side of the page that offered articles, reports, supplements, info about him, his favorite links, and on and on.

He did everything he was told to do.

And then he waited.

And waited.

And did I mention that he waited?

He kept adding articles to the site, and even a few more links.

Still, nothing.

So unfortunately, I was the one who had to tell him the truth…that this is no way to go about setting up a website.

Heck, even I made similar mistakes with my original website,

It gave people too many options. They didn’t know what to do. They ended up either emailing me, or more likely, they just left my site without taking any action – because I gave them too many options.

Many trainers are making the same mistake. And it’s not your fault.

Just the other night I completed a website review for a new OSP client. And like many of the sites before his, he was using the catalog website system.

This system seems to encourage loading your left hand navigation panel with about a dozen options, and then pasting a bunch of articles at the bottom of your homepage.

I haven’t seen that approach work yet.

Take a look at the top selling sites in the Clickbank Fitness marketplace. These are all 6-figure (and even 7-figure sites)…and NONE of them use that set up.



More like, “The reality of what actually works”.

The OSP System trumps the Catalog website system.

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Here’s a rundown of the website review I did the other night…

1) I’m not a fan of the Catalog/brochure website setups.

When someone lands on these types of sites, there are way too many options for the reader to take. Chances are, they just hit the back button.

(PS – Read through the March OSP newsletter that you get with the OSP Seminar and learn how to install Google Analytics on your home page…then you can monitor the”Bounce Rate” and you’ll see how many people leave your site within 3 seconds of landing on it…unfortunately, I’d guess that over 90% of people “bounce” on a catalog site.)

2) You should give the visitor ONLY two options when they hit your site.

a) Get a free report in exchange for their email address.

b) Buy a product.

Focus on getting as many people as possible to do “a”.

That’s how you build a healthy business.

3) Review the Sales Copy portion of the Online SuperProfits DVD’s/CD’s.

These will help you tell your story to the visitor in a powerful, connecting way, so that you develop a relationship with the reader as their trusted source of all information having to do with fitness and nutrition.

4)Once you’ve studied that component of the Seminar, you’ll have a very good idea of how to re-construct your site.

5) Construct a mental picture of your ideal prospect.

Give him a name, a job, a daily schedule, a family life, and list all his concerns about health and fitness. Identify what “he thinks he knows” about exercise and then also list all the mistakes he is making.

All of this info will help you communicate with your client on adeep, emotional level.

6) You should have the free report signup in the top right of your homepage, or as a popover.

Just like I do at and

7) Hide all the other links in your left navigational menu.

Let’s start there…then review the seminar and we can talk aboutthe changes you’ve made.

Let me know if you have more questions,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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