What is Online SuperProfits?

What is the Online SuperProfits Seminar all about?

The Online SuperProfits (OSP) Seminar was all about helping fitness experts help more people get healthy and lose body fat – as well as helping trainers help more athletes get ready for sports.

It’s my belief that there’s still a lot of junk out there on the internet. When I say junk I’m not referring to trainers who are putting out information on exercise. I’m talking about the scam stuff, which we all know like drink green tea to lose weight and all these supplement diet pills.

There’s so much of that junk out there that I really believe that if all trainers that wanted to, had the knowledge to do a decent job on the internet, we could show more people, convince more people to lose weight the right way and decrease the frustrations and that’s one of the things I’m all about.

Like I said before was helping people meet their full potential and also overcome frustrations, which a lot of people have. So I showed everybody my entire system at a seminar last year, my online marketing system I guess is what you call it, at a seminar last year. I called it Online Super Profits.

We had about 40 or 50 trainers there. I think we had a really positive experience. We filmed that and we made it available on my web site online, www.OnlineSuperProfits.com.

But what I want to talk about right now is just that I have a lot of to say on this type of stuff, from simple stuff like just showing every trainer how to better set up their web site so they get more people who visit their web site to sign up for their newsletter so they can build a relationship with people.

That’s really what successful training, offline and online is all about is building a relationship with people. So your business is built around you , how you naturally are then that’s the best way to build your business and try and make really strong contacts and really a deep emotional connection with people and help them out. So that’s what it’s all about.

I have a newsletter, an e-mail newsletter, a free e-mail newsletter that goes out to any trainer that’s interested in stuff like here’s where you should put your sign-up box and here’s the best type of content and here’s a big mistake I see trainers doing all the time and here’s something, if you’re thinking about doing a product here are some of the biggest mistakes; don’t do that.

Then I’ve mentioned before I’ve taken the transformation contest model and I’ve applied it on my Online Super Profits thing. So what I did is I launched it. I did 60-day transformation contests for trainers who have a web site.

Because one of the other things that trainers are bad at is the inertia of getting started on the internet is a frustrating thing for a lot of people. So I threw it out there.

I said I want to kick you guys in the butt and get you guys moving. I said anyone who reads this e-mail, you don’t ever have to buy a single thing from me in your entire life, can enter this contest. The contest is on to see you guys transform your business.

It might mean building a list. It might mean selling product. It might mean making video. I just want to see you guys finally take some action. So that’s what it’s all about.

That’s the same reason why it works with the fat loss stuff is you’re challenging people to take action because you might just be the thing that pushes them over the edge to finally get up and get that program done or lose that last five pounds of fat.

I’ve actually got a lot of e-mails from a lot of people saying hey, I’m going to win this contest. I’m doing this, this and this. I appreciate you kicking our butts to give us a little motivation to get stuff done. So that’s what that is all about.

Again, I really believe that there is a huge amount of opportunity left on the internet to help people. People that may know of me and know Alwyn Cosgrove and are really into the fitness industry might think – I see this mentality a lot.

No one in the real world, for lack of a better term, knows who we are. There’s still so much opportunity. I mean obviously there are a lot of people out there with fitness problems.

So every trainer has potential to help more people and to build more relationships and obviously do the same thing that I think I’m doing, which is help people get closer to reaching their full potential. So I encourage any trainer just to check it out.

=> www.OnlineSuperProfits.com

We give lots of free content away and we’re going to be doing some teleseminars soon. I have nothing to hide in my business.

I’m going to share with everybody exactly how my business operates and how we get people to the site and how we build that connection. Like I said before, people are very, very skeptical.

So if a trainer does have a web site and does have a product and wonders why no one’s buying, the biggest thing is everybody thinks you’re a scam and I said this in a recent e-mail. It doesn’t matter how many groups you’re involved in at your church. It doesn’t matter how many teams you coach in real life.

On the internet people think you’re a scam. So you have to give them something free and show them that – give them a great free sample. I’m giving a free turbulence training workout away now to just show hey, give it a try.

That’s what we’re all about and I’m not going to lie to you. I have a pretty good lifestyle. I work a lot, but I work when I want to work and I’m able to choose who I want to work with and I can’t see anything bad in helping a trainer help people online.

So it’s a lot of fun and anybody has any questions they can contact me through:

=> www.OnlineSuperProfits.com

Helping you make more money online,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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