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From Online SuperProfits Mastermind Member, Ed Scow ( comes some helpful (and unique!) feedback and a powerful tip on article writing.

“Craig, I wanted to pick the brain of one of the editors on how to better my writing and how to get my articles down to the 425-450 word mark they require. You’ll be happy to know that she didn’t tell me anything that you haven’t already told me.

TIP => One thing she told me that I either didn’t remember, realize or know was that I should just focus on 3 or 5 things (which I knew), but in order to keep it short and concise, define the item, give an easy example, then move on.

She said that people don’t need/want to know anymore than that. She also said editors hate it when authors/writers re-define the item after an example or give long-drawn out examples that people can’t comprehend.”

CB Says…
That’s an important tip from Ed. Make sure you use that info to write better articles that people will actually read!

Add a great headline and an irresistible offer to your article or email, and you ‘ll be making more money online because of your writing ability.

Back to Ed for a funny story on how the Online SuperProfits System has helped him look outside the industry for Joint Venture and promotional opportunities…

“Craig, have you ever seen the movie Christmas Vacation? I’m assuming you have, but do you remember when Clark opens up his Christmas bonus and it’s a subscription to the jelly of the month club or something and Eddie tells him “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on givin’ all year round.” That’s how I feel about your OSP CD’s. Let me explain…

Last week I emailed the CEO of a big group of radio stations that’s actually located here in Lincoln. I told him who I was and that they had a gap in their local programming because they weren’t talking about fitness and fat loss enough and that I would like to help fill that gap. I did this at 9pm last Thursday.

Friday morning at 8:30 I get an email from one of the VP’s saying that the CEO forwarded him my email and they liked my idea and wanted to set up a meeting. I was excited and kind of freaked at the same time. I didn’t know what to propose. I’ve since come up with some things and my meeting is tomorrow afternoon.

Well, I’ve turned my car into a University on Wheels and was listening to an OSP CD on my way home and it just so happened that Jim Labadie was on there talking about PR and giving the example of his customer who got onto the radio in Detroit and how much success it has brought him.

Kinda cool and it helped set me at ease. So thanks again.”
Ed Scow,

Thanks Ed.

Follow Ed’s example and TAKE ACTION today to contact a potential partner or write an article for your site or blog using his tips.

Do everything with SPEED, which I’ll talk about tomorrow, and you’ll start making more money online.

Let me know your best business boosting tips!

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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