Leaders Will Make More Money Online

If you want to make more money online, then become a leader. Here’s why…

If you’ve never been to a dog park, here’s what happens.

One dog starts sniffing a certain area on the grass. The next thing you know, there’s 6 dogs sniffing the same spot. Only ONE of them knows why, and the other 5 are just following.


Because dogs follow the leader.

And PEOPLE are the same way.

On my fat loss member’s forum, my Turbulence Training clients are debating whether fruit makes you fat. And they are finding experts online giving all types of opinions.

Opinions that DIFFER from mine.

But I am the LEADER there…so I gave my opinion and told them that I am right, and everyone else is wrong.

No wishy-washy, “Well, it depends on the circumstances and the color of the fruit and whether or not you ate goat protein with it and whether it was in your 14.6 minute post-workout window of opportunity…”

None of that.

Just a straight cut-and-dried proclamation from their leader.

And they LOVE IT.

Because now the conflict is solved in their minds. Then can go on to other things.

And that’s what you have to do as a leader for your niche.

People are looking for leaders.

Especially in these turbulent times.

People want ANSWERS.

They want to follow someone with confidence.

They want folks like these OSP members…

–> Michael Massie, who is stepping up and becoming the leader in helping Martial Arts Studio owners get more students & help more people.

–> Brian Grasso who is taking the reigns as the leader in the Worldwide youth training market & showing other coaches how to work with – in my opinion – the best possible clientele ever – kids!

–> Troy Anderson who is going to become the leader in kettlebell training for fat loss (I can’t believe NO ONE had focused on this before!).

–> Jennifer Nicole Lee who is the leader in helping women achieve fitness model bodies.

–> Pat Beith & Latief Thomas who are the leaders in speed training for young athletes.

–> And me, the leader in helping YOU make more money online.


It is time for you to stand up.

To speak out.

To be the leader.

The leader that people are so desperately seeking in this confusing world.

If you’ve got the solution to your client’s problem, why aren’t you telling EVERYONE?

Take a stand. You’ll stand out.

And by doing so, this will allow you to increase and improve the communication with your clients. And that is the key to online success.

By following this advice, I’ve been able to DOUBLE MY LIST without any increase in website traffic.

I’ll share that secret and more at the Online SuperProfits 2008 small group meeting in December.

If you want to be a leader in 2009 and make more money online, visit this page to apply for one of the remaining 9 spots.

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Tomorrow…The DOWNSIDE of leaders…

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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