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Announcing my 2008 Online SuperProfits Seminar to help you make more money online…see below for details on this small group coaching event…and to see if you qualify!


“To live an extraordinary life, you must resist an ordinary approach.”

Frank McKinney, Author of “Make It Big”, & World’s Most SuccessfulBuilder of Multi-Million Dollar Homes on Spec.


That’s a powerful message from Frank McKinney. Simple, yet powerful.

And here’s another powerful lesson for you…this time, from an OSPreader…can you see what he is doing right?

“Craig, I can sincerely tell you that you have been the single biggest influence on the success I’ve had thus far with my business, which blows my mind because I still haven’t used your OSP program, which I know will have the best information.

So far all I’ve done is studied your websites, and TT program (I bought the TT program a few months ago and have incorporated many of your training principals into my boot camp programs), and read your blogs (your blog has been a huge help for me). If the results I’ve had thus far are any indication, I fully expect the OSP system to be life-changing for me.”

Mike Roulston

Mode Athletics – Vancouver Personal Training & Fitness Bootcamps

So as I study Frank, and Mike studies me, who are you are studying?

By the way, it’s feedback like Mike’s that have made me change my mind about doing an OSP seminar this year…

…so I’m going to do an intimate, SMALL GROUP seminar for just 10 people in December.

That means extra personal attention for you and your business. To help you get ready for the online fitness gold rush in January 2009.

If you want to make more money online, then this will be the most important seminar you ever attend!

But there’s ONE CATCH…

Click HERE to learn more about the Online SuperProfits 2008 Seminar

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Remember, I’m allowing ONLY 10 of the most qualified, passionate, and enthusiastic OSP readers to attend.

Plus, you’ll get a 30-minute hot seat, where you’ll be able to present your most pressing business problems to the group and together we will brainstorm solutions and opportunities in place of your obstacles.

It’s well known that if you are not exposed to higher levels of accomplishment than you will not succeed at the highest level possible.

That’s why I know it is essential to bring together a like-minded group of successful Internet Entrepreneurs to support one another in our business ventures.

Click here to apply for one of the 10 spots at the OSP 2008 event:


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July 14, 2008

Kelly Ward @ 3:43 pm

My suggestion is offer a pre-requisite course so everyone understands the topics you cover. This is an advanced level to selling online so basic knowledge should be required.

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