Online Transformation Contest Winners!

TTHAW eBook 4 Online Transformation Contest Winners!

What a week.

On Tuesday, I got this crazy idea to create and launch a product in 24 hours. And I pulled it off. (See my site on Home Abdominal Workouts for more details.)

All thanks to following my own OSP advice!

(I’ll outline every profitable step in the August OSP print newsletter. Exactly what made me do it, and how I did it…and how well we did with it!)

But today, its time to applaud the OSP contest WINNERS.

In a word, all the entries were AMAZING.

Inspirational to see all the work these guys did in 60-days.

The first entry I read was from Vince DelMonte .

He’s a “veteran” of selling info products, but what he shared shocked me.
His 60-day action plan looked like what someone would accomplish with a 2-YEAR business plan. The guy is an animal.

9 pages of pure inspiration.

Heck, I was taking notes from his notes!

Vince is also letting me share this with you in the August OSP print newsletter. There’s gold in his report, I promise!
To work with Vince, visit his site & sign up for his affiliate newsletter here:
Next up, another Canadian entry.
Watch oot, the Canadians are aboot to dominate the Internet!
Todd Lamb built 6 websites in 60 days, and had a successful 4-figure promotion for his extreme fat loss program. Plus, he added lots of subscribers and members to his membership site.
Todd, like Vince, TAKES ACTION big time.
To contact Todd for JV’s,use the Contact Us form at:
Up from down under comes Daniel Munday.
Now you know someone is serious about success when they travel all the way from Australia to the USA for a seminar on selling fitness online.
Daniel is going to be an Australian Celebrity soon, partly becauseof the personality he’s putting in his writing.
But also because he’s executing the OSP blueprint perfectly, generating leads from a variety of sources. Plus, he’s gathered a big group of fitness pros for a special project called launching on July 7th.
Daniel is also using my idea of looking outside the industry for connections…that is one way to increase your speed of success.
Impressive stuff. There’s no reason you can’t do everything that Daniel is doing.
I’ll share his report in the September OSP newsletter as well.
You can contact the master of the AUSSIE FAT BLAST here:
Sean Barker, is the 3rd Canadian to enter (I told you, Canadian domination, but don’t worry, we’ll be happy to apologize for it!).
Sean runs and is a talented writer, and can be contacted for JV’s at:
Sean wins a 1-Year OSP Print Newsletter Subscription! Congrats Sean, keep it up.
And NOW for the WINNER
1st Prize -> Michael Massie
When Michael got his OSP Seminar-in-a-Box in April of 2008, his Clickbank checks were averaging $425 every 2 weeks.
Not bad…
But now, in June, only 2 months later, they are averaging over $1113.
He’s almost tripled his Clickbank earnings.
According to Mike…
“Basically, I am on track right now for a 300% increase in sales since I purchased OSP back in April. My Clickbank checks just keep steadily climbing…Notice the increase in check amounts since April 15…steadily rising with each period as I implemented yourinformation.
By the way, I started my membership site at
and I am up to 41 paying members, averaging 1 sign-up a day since we launched.
And that’s not counting the web design and SEO income I’ve received since I started the membership site – I’ve sold a few web design and SEO packages to my clients and made an extra $1,800 in the last month.
So, I guess you could say I am a HUGE Online SuperProfits fan now…it’s been a life-changer for me, and I am definitely glad I spent that $600…it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the potential future profit I’ll realize from the ideas and information I’ve gained from it (and the newsletter). Thanks Craig, for sharing this info.”
Mike Massie
Congratulations Mike!
I’ll be sending you a check for $1000.
But more importantly, you’re going to make at least 12x’s as much as that over the rest of 2008 if you keep up the great work.
Every one reading should start to TAKE ACTION NOW and work hard to be like the OSP Transformation Contest finalists.
If they can do it, so can YOU!
Helping you make more money online,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS – YES, There are WOMEN Succeeding Online As Well…
First, Jennifer Nicole Lee just happened to be on a business tour in China, so she missed the entry deadline (and I’m a hardliner on deadlines!). But look for her to be kicking big time butt in ‘08.
Second, of course Holly Rigsby is killing it with Club FYM and her weight loss after pregnancy website.
And finally, watch for Caroline Radway to dominate the female fitness scene in the UK – and then the world…here’s what she thought of the Online SuperProfits Seminar in a Box:
“The audios are brilliant, I no longer feel that time spent driving to clients is ‘dead time’ as it’s now so productive! I will listen to them a few times each I’m sure as there’s just so much info to take in.
An added bonus is that I can now tolerate driving at 60mph instead of 80 so got 10% more miles out of my tank of diesel!
I also feel it has been the perfect time to get the OSP as a lot of my clients are now going on holiday, but I am effectively full – ifI took on any more clients I’d have too many to fit in when they were all back from holiday, so it gives me the opportunity to be maximising my time and productivity in a slightly slower period.
I feel like I’ve learnt so much already (as I mentioned, I’ve not even listened to all the audios yet!) and I am taking steps everyday and really feel optimistic about the future.”
Caroline Radway
Click Here to re-live the OSP Seminar, plus get your copy of ALL my OSP newsletters (March through July). It’s the perfect summer educational tool for slow client months:
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