Top 10 Ways to Get Started Making Money on the Internet

Here’s how I got started making money on the Internet. It is a very simple process that you can follow to make more money online.

1 – The first thing i did was I started building my list back in 1999.

This was even before I had a website! I just had an email newsletter.

So by the time I launched my first product 4 years later (I don’t recommend waiting 4 years to launch a product, btw!) I had a list to promote it to.

2 – I started selling it at $9.95 and increased the price as I added value to it.

I also adjusted the product based on the feedback I received. The lesson here is to just get started…get something out there!!!

3 – I reached out to my network to get others to promote my product, via articles I gave them, interviews I did with them (both me interviewing them and them interviewing me).

4 – I got some of those people to become my affiliates…and this is how my business took off in 2006, and how yours can do the same.

Having an affiliate sales force is the secret of my success, and the secret of almost any internet marketing business success.

It is rare that you will hear about someone doing it on their own.

5 – And its not just about getting affiliates to promote you, but others as well…online word of mouth.

For me, it was partnering with and (neither of which started out as affiliates) that helped bring more visitors to my site and grow the reputation.

You want to look for all sources of promotion. Make relationships with as many people as you can.

6 – At the same time as I was building all these relationships, I was building a business system through the mentoring I received from an Internet Marketing Business Coach.

He showed me how to set up my ad copy, write headlines, use Aweber, use clickbank, create an upsell, and so on to automate the business.

7 – As all this went on, I continued the process I started waaaay back in 1999 by increasing my reputation as an authoritative figure.

I searched out websites to write for, got involved with any project I was asked to help out with, did more interviews with others (me of them, and them of me), submitted articles to directories, got invovled with offline PR (magazines), and continued to ask and bug my contacts how i could get involved with other projects.

8 – Plus I studied.

I read a lot of marketing newsletters and internet marketing newsletters. And I have got a lot of coaching and been in a lot of mastermind groups. I never stop learning, or paying to learn.

Empty your wallet into your mind, and your mind will fill your wallet
-Benjamin Franklin (not 100% sure he said this, but that was the reference on the Internet!)

9 – I outsourced everything I don’t know how to do to someone who knows (and likes) how to do it.

So I got involved with Matt Deitz, having him work my site (referred by my business coach – since he does his sites as well).

10 – I continue with the coaching…as your business grows, the more beneficial one little tip will be to your business.

More to come.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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