Segment Your List to Make More Money Online

As you know, the best way to sell something to someone is Face-to-Face so that you can address each one of your client’s objectionsand problems individually.

Online, it is much harder to do with a newsletter that goes out to everyone.

So one of my strategies is to segment my list so that I can write Turbulence Training messages specifically for men, women, over-40,etc. and help make more money online.

And that’s how you should be thinking too…how can you break down your list into sub-lists, and therefore communicate more personally with your audience?

To do that, I’m creating new free reports to start building segmented lists.

My first one is for men…and we also have created a tool that lets our affiliates tell all their male readers about this new free report they can download.

My affiliates can use this link generator here and choose the Male Sales Page to create their affiliate link that goes directly to the Free Report page for men.


This is also another way to give my affiliates free content and to get their readers hooked on Turbulence Training.

And soon I will have a Free Report for women, over 40, abs, etc.

To your success!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training
Click Here to Make More Money Online

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