3 Big Reasons for Online Success with Your Niche Website

I remember when I was in your shoes, just on the verge of Online Success with my niche website and just about to make more money online.

What a feeling it was knowing I was only one or two good ideas or lucky breaks away from going from $300 per week in online sales to $300 per day (& then much more).

I know how you feel, like somedays all your hard work is for nothing, but then randomly, everything seems to click and you pull in $50, $150, or even $250 in one day.

And it makes you want to repeat those days everyday, more and more. But you aren’t sure what you did right, so even though you’re excited, you’re still a little frustrated.

That’s why you need someone who’s been there, to show you what to spend your time on, and what to cut loose.

Soon you’ll be working fewer hours in your real job, and working at home and on your OWN schedule, not at the mercy of others. You’ll have more energy and time for your own workouts, your family, and interests outside of work (yes, there is such thing as life outside of work!).

But trying to do it on your own might mean years of struggling to achieve online success. But get a mentor, and you can cut years off your path to the Internet Lifestyle.

As I remember back, it was October of 2005 when the switch got flicked for me.

The three biggest reasons for success?

1) Communicating with my past customers more often.

2) I started selling higher priced products.

3) I started my relationship with my online business mentor.

Are these things you can do now?

Can you get an expert’s help to show you how to succeed online?

Can you put together an upsell package?

Can you create a follow-up product to your first ebook or DVD?

Can you put together a membership site?

If you can do that, you can let your past customers know about it. And if you think you can’t do that, let me show you how. It’s easy, I know you have dozens of excellent products trapped inside of you.

And most importantly, remember this lesson:

“The easiest customer to get is the customer you have.”

You can launch new products to them far easier than selling to new customers, you can create recurring income membership sites for them (I’ll show you how in the OSP DVD’s), AND you can re-package your content into different forms to sell (such as creating a DVD version of your book).

So many things you can do for current customers…

But what if you aren’t even at the “customer list” stage yet?

More on that soon!

Grab your copy of the Online SuperProfits Seminar in a Box and start making more money online today:

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
How to Make More Money Online

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