How Does This Kekich Credo Apply to You?

Each morning I read and study 1 Kekich Credo, and apply the lessons to both my fat loss clients and to my online business. Here is today’s lesson and my applications…

Kekich Credo #39:

“By adhering to a strong honest philosophy, you will remain guiltless, blameless, independent and maintain control over your life. Without a sound philosophy, your life will eventually crumble.”

Fat Loss
· If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
· If you do not have 2 solutions for every obstacle, you will feel guilty and shameful every time you give in to eating junk or skipping workouts.
· Write your goals out. Review them daily. These shape your philosophy.
· State your life philosophy. That is a question I ask every personal client. What is your life philosophy? That helps me understand what drives each individual, and identifies where they will make sacrifices and what they will not sacrifice. It is more important to know this than almost any physical attribute about them.

· My guiding philosophies are…

“Show people how to end frustrations and reach their peak potential.”
“Give away everything you know & it will come back to you many-fold”
“Add value to someone’s life”
“Be positive”
“We are engineered to set & achieve meaningful goals”
“Help others”

These shape my business decisions.

What is your philosophy?

Craig Ballantyne

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