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osp package Get a Mentor to Make More Money Online

For $41,000, you can get a 2006 BMW X5. Beautiful truck. It would be cool to have one of those…Or you can take that money and do what I did…Get a mentor and make more money online.

Do what I did, and invest the money in your education, and in mentors, and in people who will help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

In fact, I’m really excited. I just spent another $997 on myself this week, buying another Dan Kennedy marketing product. I’m a big fan of Kennedy’s advice, and his delivery…which is worth studying as much as his advice.

On a side note, I also spent $1000 just to buy the domain name,

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Well, I have a high-school buddy – and now business colleague – who spent $20,000 on a domain name for the MMA market. Just for the name! No site, just the The buying and selling of domain names is a whole ‘nother world…

Back to my educational investments…I look at every penny of the over $41,500 I spent in 2007 on marketing seminars and educational material as an investment in my future.

In fact, without exaggeration, I believe every dollar invested in my education will pay off 10 to 1 in the short term, and 100 to 1 – or more – in the long-term. In fact, I’ve already equaled my income in 2008 compared to 2007…and its only June 20th. So I’ll double it, if not triple it in total this year.

And while I can’t guarantee anything, I want to give you the same 10-to-1 return on your investment from my Online SuperProfits Seminar.

(Don’t forget, you pay in 4 easy installments of ONLY $150 to get your Seminar-in-a-Box, plus 2 months free of the OSP newsletter, that’s easily covered by 1-2 training sessions per month, or by me helping you sell 3-4 extra e-books per month.

It’s a “NO brainer” if you are serious about earning an online income.)

“If you are looking to create a product and sell it, you would bean absolute fool not to sign up for Online Super Profits.”
Kevin Valluzzi,

I’m sure at some point, you’ve been completely, utterly,ready-to-tear-your-hair-out frustrated with the Internet and your website. If you only had a coach or a mentor to show you the way…

Well, I’ve paid over $41,500 to be that guy to help you. And let me tell you what I got for my $41K in 2007.
I attended…
a) Two $3000 seminars where I learned one newsletter secret that almost doubled my weekly e-book sales income.
b) A $10,000 three-day weekend seminar that helped me launch a new 6-figure business (and hopefully 7 figures by this time next year).
And I’ve joined…
a) A $10,000 per year Mastermind coaching group with Internet multi-millionaire Yanik Silver that showed me several ways to improve mywebsite and maximize my online video efforts
b) A $3500 mastermind coaching group where I’ve learned secrets about membership sites
c) An $8000 Dan Kennedy Peak Performers coaching group (If you don’t know who Dan Kennedy is, he’s basically the guy that every Internet millionaire owes their success to).
d) Several smaller coaching groups that cost about $100 per month
All this helped me put on the Online SuperProfits Seminar last fall…
“There were a lot of internet marketing seminars I was considering going to. But each one of them had tons of speakers but no real direction or theme, and none of them teach you a real “system.” Asa fitness professional, I jumped at the chance to learn firsthand from someone like Craig who has years of experience and credibility with internet marketing. I use systems that have helped me to be successful with training my clients, so I figured why not learn from someone who can teach me a system for sucess online? It reallyseems like a no brainer.”
Tom Gifford
One of my secrets to success was learning from a mentor. My “coach”helped me change my business and put me on the fast-track to Internet success.
If you are thinking of getting started but procrastinate because you don’t know where to begin, there’s only one thing for you to do:
Grab your copy of the OSP Seminar here:
Otherwise, you might continue to struggle for years on end trying to get things going. Think about this in terms of your clients.
Everyone has a client that has tried every fad diet and workout program but has failed time and time again, until they find a trainer – i.e. you – who put them on the right track and then they get results.
In any business, a mentor cuts a huge amount of time off the learning curve. But trying to chase success on the Internet without a mentor can be a costly waste of your time.
Helping you make more money online,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS – Here’s what OSP Mastermind Member Steve Cabral has to say about the OSP newsletter
“I have to let you know that your monthly newsletters are phenomenal. You know I read Kennedy’s, Furey’s, and about a half dozen other paid ones, and I have to say that yours is right up there at the top. Even if I have already read some of the tips you give, I can more clearly see how to apply them to the fitness industry. Personally, I feel anyone who couldn’t make just 1-2 sales more (pays for newsletter) from this information just isn’t trying. Keep up the great work and I look forward to sharing my progress soon.”
Stephen Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Author of Fatlossity
Grab your copy of the OSP Seminar-in-a-Box and 2 FREE issues of theOSP newsletter here:
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June 22, 2008

Todd Lamb @ 5:33 pm

Hey Craig,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we liked the DVD’s and appreciate the support you give with them.

Our business is growing every day!

Todd Lamb

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS @ 6:08 pm

Thanks Todd. You are TAKING ACTION, big time, and that’s why things are goind so well for you.

Stay strong,


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