How to Sell Information Products to Make More Money Online

I want to go over 2 ways you can sell your information products to make more money online…

However, I only recommend one way…and I think the other is a bad idea.

So let’s start with the bad news first, and cover the mistake a lot of internet business owners make, which is…

1) Discounting their product.

I don’t like cutting the price of your product, even for a short period of time (unless you are releasing something new or doing an early bird promo, but that’s another story – for right now, I’mtalking about e-books and DVD’s).

Yes, you will sell a bunch of product in the short term, however…

a) You could really tick off your customers who bought in the few days before your unannounced sale.

And the last thing any of us needs is a bunch of emails from people that want their money back or are upset they missed out on the discount.

b) You also risk upsetting your affiliates, who will now make fewer dollars per sale in commission.

And sometimes that’s all it takesto lose an affiliate forever, in the cut-throat world of online affiliate marketing – where every extra dollar you can give an affiliate counts.

c) Discount prices = discount customers.

Here’s a general rule when it comes to customers:

Those that pay the least generally result in the most refunds, the most customer service, and the most headaches.

On the other hand, those that pay the most result in the least amount of customer service problems.

So instead of slasing your prices, here’s what I recommend…

2) The Best Way to Sell More Product is to Give Away More Value

Instead of “Taking away” from the price, I recommend “Adding to package”.

Keep the price the same, but add bonuses for your limited time sale. It might be a new special report, an extra workout, or a month to your membership site.

And you can easily make these bonuses available to your past customer list, so no one’s feelings get hurt.

Plus, by making the extra bonuses available for only a limited time, you increase the scarcity factor and people will buy in droves.

Most importantly, your customer gets MORE for LESS.

Everyone wins this way, when you ADD instead of SUBTRACT. Your customer gets more value, and you get more happy customers.

The Online SuperProfits Seminar is a great example of Adding value to convince you to attend.

In fact, everything I do is creating MORE value for everyone involved.

1) I added guest speakers such as Ryan Lee, Yanik Silver, Dax Moy, and Jim Labadie so that you would learn even more about making more money online.

2) During the launch of my OSP Seminar-in-a-Box, I added bonuses such as website reviews.

“To say that Craig has revolutionized the online side of my business would be an understatement.”
Alwyn Cosgrove

“Your feedback on headlines, pictures and names has given me alaser like focus on the areas that need improvement. Thisinformation is absolutely priceless!”
Mike Grafstein, Youth Soccer Expert

Grab your copy of the Make More Money Online Seminar-in-a-Box here:

And that, in my opinion, is the best way to sell product – by adding value on every level.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS
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