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Figuring out how to make more money online has allowed me to live what Yanik Silver – my business coach – calls the “Internet Lifestyle”.

Here’s a picture of me in Las Vegas just before I climbed in that plane and flew it – after about 5 minutes of training. (Don’t worry, its not that I’m a pilot, they even let 8 year old kids fly these things. Learn more at

I won an award for “fastest kill” in the AirCombat contest, thanks to my co-pilot, Smudge, and his advanced techniques.

I was in Vegas with Yanik and his Maverick Business Adventure group. You can read all about our business meetings and adventures here:

And you can read my personal business “take-aways” in the June Online SuperProfits newsletter that you get with the OSP Seminar in a Box.

Grab your copy of the Online SuperProfits Seminar in a Box and start making more money online today:


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
How to Make More Money Online

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