Do One Thing To Make More Money Online

Follow this rule and you will succeed online:

“Every day, do ONE thing that moves your online business closer to your goals”.

That might mean…

a) Writing a headline for your website

b) Telling a story in a newsletter that creates trust and a relationship between you and your readers

c) Designing another segment or writing a chapter for your product

d) Taking some photos for your e-book

e) Contacting a Joint-Venture partner

f) Submitting an article to another website to get a link back toyour site

And there are dozens of other things you could be doing. In fact, in the Online SuperProfits Seminar, we brainstormed 301 action steps to help improve your Internet business and help you make more money online.

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Until then, remember this:

“Every workday, do one thing that moves your business ahead.”

So even if you were “busy” training people today, you still have time tonight to be “productive” in your online business. Get going.

Don’t waste another second.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS

PS – Does this sound crazy? How can I call a 90-minute nap productive?

I set my schedule, and decided I need a nap after my workout today.

But before I laid down, I said to myself, “Brain, when I wake up, I want to have the following things in my head”…

a) The E-book Title and Subtitle of an upcoming project

b) The contents of my September workout for my member’s site

c) A step-by-step plan to write a promo piece for my seminar

And guess what? All 3 of those tasks were completed by my mind whileI napped. I woke up with the exact title for our new project that my business partners just loved.

In fact, I also woke up with a bonus…the idea to send this info toyou so you could move your business ahead as well, so that next year, you too will be able to set your own schedule as well.

Think about how great it will be to train people only when you want to, and to relax when you need it!

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