Free Make More Money Online Webinar

Mark your calender, because on Thursday, June 26th I am going to giveaway everything I know about making more money online.

But you have to be there to watch the presentation. Fortunately, its free, and you can watch on your computer.

BUT…this will not be replayed.

On Thursday, June 26th at 8pm (EST) I’ll be doing a WEBINAR that you can watch in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t have to pay a cent.

One of my Internet buddies is letting me use his $80K software (yes, $80K!) to do this webinar.

And I’m going to go over exactly how and why I run my websites, including these little known details…

1) I’ll reveal when, how, and why I send particular emails to my list, and why I currently have 5 fat loss email lists, and plan to double that in the next 2 months.

2) I’ll expose every little detail about why I’ve designed my homepage as you see it for maximum sales and signups.

3) I’ll make public for the first time the exact sequence a customer goes through when they buy…

4) I’ll reveal the secret value of each stage and how we maximize revenue from each client we help.

5) I’ll disclose why I’m creating one new free report each week. And much, much more.

I’m spilling it all out for this one time only.


Because I want to see you succeed.

The only way you can get the WEBINAR info is to wait for my email on Wednesday, June 25th.

And if you want to refer a few personal trainer friends to the Webinar and earn an affiliate commission if they grab a copy of my OSP Seminar-in-a-Box, then sign-up to become an OSP affiliate here:

=> Click HERE to become an OSP Affiliate

You’ll make a 33% commission on each $600 sale. Not too bad.

I look forward to sharing my online secrets of success with you on Thursday, June 26th to help you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Why won’t it be recorded?

Well, first and foremost, I don’t know how to record it.

And second, this is top secret stuff. If you can’t make it, then pay someone to be there for you!

It’s that important. More to come…

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