Why You Need Testimonials to Make More Money Online

My business has taken off and I’ve made more money online since I’ve added more testimonials to my website. More specifically, it has been the addition of before-and-after photos that has helped the most.

Why? People are skeptical. They think you are a scam.

Prospects need to see proof. And testimonials are called “social proof”.

This morning, while reviewing my 6 “guiding documents” for my business, the point that hit home the most was from Yanik Silver’s “11 Psychological Hot Buttons for Sales”. This is the fourth document I review, in addition to Frank McKinney’s 45 big ideas, and Yanik Silver’s 34 Rules for Mavericks – plus the ones I mentioned yesterday.

In Yanik’s “Hot Buttons”, one of them is social proof.

And the more social proof you can have on your site, the better. In fact, some marketers have said that social proof (i.e. a testimonial) is 1000x’s more powerful than anything you can say about your own product.

But sometimes it is tough to get testimonials. And that’s why I ran my Transformation Contest. It was very powerful and provided the persuasive testimonials I needed.

Not only have I done this for my fat loss website, but also for my business helping fitness experts make more money online and get the Internet success they deserve.

In the Online SuperProfits website transformation contest, I allowed anyone to enter, and all they had to do was prove that their business improved over time.

The contest started on May 1st, and runs for 60 days, till the end of June. I have heard from several fitness experts who are taking this very seriously, and at the end of the contest, I’ll have some great social proof for other fitness experts to show them that it can be done…than any fitness expert can make more money online.

And that social proof will be more powerful than anything I could say about my seminar.

How can you use social proof in your business?

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
How to Make More Money Online

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