How to go from JOB to Make More Money Online

Last week, I was on the phone with another fitness business expert, and one of the big things we talked about was how to start making the progression from training all the time to spending more time working on your Internet business to make more money online.

The bottom line?

Eventually you just have to cut out some training and commit a block of time to working on your ebook and website projects.

Personally, I started with Thursday afternoons. I switched some clients out of that time slot and no longer added new clients on Thursday afternoons. Then I cut moved all clients from Thursday mornings and freed that time up as well. Then I did the same with Tuesday. And so it went, eliminating chunks of time as my online business grew allowing me to make more money online.

Do baby steps at first…you might be terrified, but when you see how much work you can get done working on your e-book for 6 hours straight compared to 1 hour for 6 days straight, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

As Josh Hillis, a trainer who attended the Online SuperProfits seminar said,”I no longer train people on Fridays”.

And that’s the same feeling so many other trainers have…they don’twant to be stuck in the gym on Friday afternoons or for 40 hours a week.

Most people would love to train their favorite clients 10-20 hours per week and spend the rest of their time educating thousands of other people online through articles, DVD’s, and e-books.

And that’s what Josh is making the move to do…and I hope you will too.

Back then, and today too, I get a lot of people asking me how i doit…how do I get so much done?

A lot of it is energy management. Something that is practically impossible when you are training people all day, trading time for money.

Energy management means working on the right tasks at the right time. Specifically, working on creative tasks when you are most creative. However, for most trainers in the gym, they are often most creative when they are stuck training people for 4 hours in a row.

But when they finally get in front of a computer, it seems like their brain has gone into shutdown mode. I know, I’ve been there. Stuck in front of a computer at 9pm with a website deadline coming up and nothing come out of my brain…

So if you are stuck in that position, here’s one tip. Get up 10 minutes earlier and at least do 10 minutes of work on your project.

Yes, I know you are getting up early already. I’ve been there. I hated the alarm clock more than you ever could.

(Fortunately, thanks to my lifestyle now, I haven’t used an alarm clock in over a year.)

But I remember getting up at the absurd hour of 4:40 am to write for 10-15 minutes and then drag myself away from the computer and onto my day of training.

Getting up 10 minutes earlier and working on a project can mean the difference between getting stuck in the dollars for hours revolving door or living the Internet lifestyle where you make more money online.

Here’s another tip…

Always be working on something. Always have reading material. Whether you are between clients, at the dentist, on the bus, or eating lunch, you should always have educational material in front of you and helping you plot and scheme your way out of the day job prison.

I made a lot of money from ideas I wrote down on a notepad while riding the subway to and from the gym. I was always taking notes from books I was reading or preparing my next Turbulence Training program (another tip – always be thinking about “What’s next” in your business).

I really hope you are ready to hit the “what’s next” level in your on-line business. I’ve shown you some of my story, and you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about my Online SuperProfits System in my DVD/Cds.

I’ll show you how I generate hundreds of dollars within minutes of writing a simple newsletter, like this one. I’ll show you how to get more content creation done in less time.

And as I told the fitness business expert I spoke with last week, I’ll show you how to get thousands and thousands of people to your website with online video – and the tips and tricks to making it one of the most popular videos on Youtube.

All that and more to help you make more money online.

Grab your copy of the Online SuperProfits Seminar in a Box and start making more money online today:

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
How to Make More Money Online

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