Do the Work Once And Make Money Online Again and Again

Last summer I spent an action packed 4-day weekend in beautiful Chicago with some good friends, and it made me think of 2 important business lessons to share withyou…

First, I read the 4-Hour Workweek book on the plane…a great book to learn time-saving, income producing strategies.

And the big lesson that we all need to take from this book is to follow the 80-20 principle…that approximately 80% of our income comes from only 20% of our efforts.

In a fitness Internet business, that means 80% of your sales and traffic will come from a few main sources. I know this is true in my business, because I measure it all the time (with free internet tools such as Google Analytics and

So I know where to focus my marketing efforts.

Do you?

If not, you need to track and focus on what is most productive for you, and then you can cut unproductive behaviors and spend more time doing other things (business or pleasure).

Bottom line: Make sure you are spending your time on being productive, not just being busy.

That’s a big mistake so many trainers make. Heck, people from every industry…

And that leads to the second lesson…

You should outsource any activity not worthy of your time. For example, you shouldn’t be spending any time on customer service for your Internet business.

Customer service email will kill your business momentum.

You must have a system in place for someone else to deal with it. I have a great virtual assistant from answering the majority of my customer service email. It’s a dirt cheap, effective, problem-free system.

At my Online SuperProfits Seminar, I also discussed several otherways I’ve outsourced and automated tasks that keep most trainers too busy to build their business.

This section of the seminar will save you tons of time and show you how to take more time off.

For 5 days in Chicago, I didn’t answer a single email or return a single business related call – even though two of my fellow travelers (also trainers) who were on their emails and cellphones what seemed like every hour talking to clients or doing customer service work.

And when I came home and finally sat down to my computer, I didn’thave any customer service emails to deal with, because my assistants answered everything for me. There were no “fires” to put out, no emergencies to deal with.

In fact, getting on the computer was like being a kid on Christmas morning, because 90% of the emails in my inbox were orders that came in while I was gone.

That’s when the reality of “doing something once and getting paid over and over and over again” really sinks in. What a great feeling.

Grab your copy of the Online SuperProfits Seminar in a Box and start making more money online today:


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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