9 Tips to Improve Your Website and Make More Money Online

On Friday I helped a fitness superstar with a website consultation,but the site was full of basic mistakes – and your site likely has the same problems.

1) The sign-up form was in the wrong spot…it should be in the top right, not buried at the bottom of the page.

2) And something very important was missing from the sign-up box…You must offer a free report.

3) The headline was ineffective (and on most sites, you are lucky if there’s a headline at all)…plus she was missing the 2nd most important part of a website…You have to have text that talks to the client about their problem.

4) The site was like an Applebee’s menu – giving the visitor so many options that they always choose the one you want the least… -> they leave.

5) Nothing was tracked or tested so she didn’t know what promo efforts are worth her time, and what is a waste. This “shot in the dark” marketing approach will always fail.

6) The site was all about “Me Me Me”, but the reader doesn’t care about what you’ve accomplished…they simply care about 1 thing…”What is in it for them?!”

7) The call to action to sell the product was missing TWO simple words that will double or triple your sales response. Wait, you do have a call to action, don’t you?

8] The info on the site didn’t cover any of the objections the reader might have about trying your product. Believe me, your readers are looking for just the smallest excuse not to get your ebook or DVD…are you giving them an excuse not to buy?

9) It wasn’t easy enough to buy. You can never, ever make the process too easy or simple. Most fitness websites are so complicated and messy, the reader never knows what to do.

So there you go…just a small list of common mistakes made on almost every fitness website I’ve ever been to…it is no wonder most fitness sites don’t make any sales or get anyone on their list.

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I look forward to helping you make more money online,

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS
Coach of the Online SuperProfits System

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