Two Tips to Using Joint Ventures to Make More Money Online

A single online Joint Venture (JV) can help you make more money online…

Here’s some important info you need to know about JV’s:

1) The success of your JV depends on what you can bring to the deal.

- Do you have a bigger list than your partner?

- Do you have extra content or goodies you can throw into the deal?

If your partner brings both the list and the content, you will have to be willing to do extra work or reduce your share of the profits.

But even then, JV’s are absolutely worth it.

A JV is synergistic, meaning you’ll both get more out of it then if you each did a project on your own.

2) The best way to get started is simply to ask.

Think about who you could joint venture with…who would be a good fit for your products and vice-versa. And then start making contacts.

It never hurts to ask, and always aim high!

Let me explain. Last year, I attended a seminar, and I knew that the partnerships I would make would more than pay for the cost of my flight, hotel, meals, and registration.

Was I right?

You better believe it!

With one joint venture partner I met at the online marketing seminar, a single mailing to his list promoting my website produced over $1750 in netprofit for me in just three days.

With another business partner, we put together a product that pays me over $655 per month and it doesn’t require me to lift a finger -and the checks are only going to get bigger as my joint venture partner starts to promote the product even more..

Plus, I met and developed affiliate relationships with dozens of other attendees that weekend, leading to thousands of dollars in revenue in the last 11 months.

So one suggestion, one meeting, one partner, one introduction – could change the course of your business and your life forever.

If I still can’t convince you about doing joint ventures to make more mony online, maybe you just aren’t serious about the golden opportunity the Internet has waiting for you.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS
Coach of the Online SuperProfits System

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Pat Rigsby,

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Jason Ferruggia,

I guarantee the Online SuperProfits System will help you make more money online.

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