How to Work Less and Make More Money Online

“The 4-Hour Workweek” is an important book if you want to make more money online. At one point, I had three copies of this book showing us how to work less. Two were given to me (by Dan Kennedy and YanikSilver, since I’m in their coaching groups), and I bought my own copy as well.

You need to get this book.

There are 2 huge lessons to take away from the 4-hour workweek. The first is to minimize email. Start by setting designated times when you check your email and create an autoresponder (if possible) to go out whenever someone emails you stating (politely), “I only check email at __ and __each day.”

I also think its critical to avoid checking your email first thing upon sitting down to your computer in the morning. So before you open up your email, make sure you get at least one project done. Hopefully more.

Why shouldn’t you check your email right away?

1) You’ll get so much more done if you start working on projects with a fresh mind, rather than getting sucked into problems waiting in your inbox. Take a deep breath and relax, and get some work done instead.

2) Chances are there will be an email in your inbox that will get stuck in your head like a catchy tune. It might be an upset customer, a refund request, or any number of negative-type messages far too common today that stop you from making more money online.

This negative email will gnaw on your mind while you try and do something more productive.

Don’t let negative influences get into your head until you’ve got something accomplished.

Every morning, fight the habit to check your email. Every minute you hold out is a victory won. You will triple your productivity, if not more.

If possible, get a virtual assistant to deal with your email. I have 2 assistants that take care of my email…and I explain my email system in the Online SuperProfits System seminar where I show you how to make more money online.

Helping you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS
Coach of the Online SuperProfits System

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