How to Create Information Products

The other day I told fitness expert Alwyn Cosgrove, “I have very STRONG opinions on how to create informaiton products, and I think a lot of people are completely WASTING their time right now creating certain types of information products.”

In fact, I even have a name for my product development method that helped me sell over 3729 e-book packages in the last year. I call it, “The Diet Book Method of Product Development”.

Now it has nothing to do with diets, but everything to do withcreating a product that sells a LOT of copies with very few refund sand minimal customer service.

The method will make so much sense to you when you watch the Online SuperProfits DVD’s (or listen to the CD’s).

I only wish I had a chance to share it with dozens of fitness professionals who recently wasted a LOT of time designing the wrong type of product – the kind that won’t sell, NO MATTER how good the content.

Learn the right way to create information products in my seminar.

Helping you get the online success you deserve,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS
Author, Home Fitness Workouts
Coach of the Online SuperProfits System

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