How to Get Affiliates to Help You Make More Money Online

If you are the only person selling your product, your business is going to suffer.

But if you can get affiliates and joint venture partners, you can literally build an online 6-figure sales force.

Recently, I sold $2,808.00 of Jay Ferruggia’s e-book in only 3 days(and I still wasn’t even his best affiliate!). Wouldn’t you like that type of sales support?

Unfortunately, so many people are going about the affiliate and joint venture partnerships ALL WRONG. I repeatedly get emails from people I’ve never heard of saying, “I want to promote your product,but I’ll only do it if you promote my website with 2 emails.”

That’s not how I operate.

I only promote products I believe in. And I expect my affiliates topromote my products for the same reason. NOT because I traded someemail favor with them.

But enough on that, let’s take a look at Jay’s Case Study in greater detail. Jay and I are friends, but we set all that aside as he became my first Online Super Profits System protege…

And here are his results:

- $704 in the first 60 minutes.

- Over $6000 in the first 24 hours.

- 639 sales in 3 days

- Total value of 3-day sales: A whopping $14,135.44!

And here’s a little post-sale Q’n'A I did with Jay (His site is …

CB: What was the most valuable thing I helped you with?

Jay Ferruggia:
So many things.

Getting the package together and deciding what bonuses would sell best, proper pricing, how to use limited time only bonuses, writing the sales copy, how to get the most out of affiliates. I honestly couldn’t have done it without your help.

CB: What do you think made the greatest impact on your success

I think the sales copy works pretty well thanks to your input andhelp and really capitalizing on affiliates and giving them a higher commission and offering them incentives to sell more helped out alot as well.

CB: What was the biggest surprise from the sale (number of affiliates, new affiliates, something else)?

How successful it was, really. I had a goal of 10k in mind but wasn’t sure that could be a reality.

I hit that at almost the halfway point. Also, I was very surprised at how many affiliate sales we made.

CB: How many sales have you made since the sale has been over?

141 in 72 hours since sale ended $700.83 on Saturday.

$689.44 on Sunday.

And that was 4th of July weekend.

CB: How have we worked on your business plan for after the sale?

We have discussed upsells and different things that I will add tothe package in the future and what I should do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep sales high.

CB: Thanks Jay, any thing else you’d like to add?

I had worked with other online business coaches in the past but none of them ever helped to increase my sales. Being that Craig is my good friend, I didn’t want to mix business and friendship and constantly pester him with questions.

This time was different, though. Craig got on board as my online business coach and helped me every step of the way. He made suggestions about how to package the product, the sales copy,pricing, bonuses, affiliate marketing strategies and everything else you could think of.

His advice was light years above anything I had ever gotten in the past and the 72 hour launch sale was an incredible success, earning me more in online sales in three days than I had previously been making in three months!

I shot up the ClickBank rankings to number six and continue to earn three times what I used to before enlisting Craig’s help.

When it comes to online fitness marketing, Craig Ballantyne is the man with the plan who knows how to get it done better than anyone.

I very rarely get this excited about other peoples stuff, but trust me, after what I saw Craig do for me, I can honestly say this is the one seminar you don’t want to miss.
CB: Thanks Jay!

By the way, Jay hates the Internet, has no idea how to do anything technical, and can’t stand being trapped in front of a computer.

Yet the numbers don’t lie.

The Super Profits System works.

Helping you get the online success you deserve,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS
Author, Home Fitness Workouts
Coach of the Online SuperProfits System

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