How to Create Mountains of Quality Content for Your Website to Make Money Online

If you don’t know where to start making money online with your own website, then you’ll love today’s article about Internet Marketing…

Last time, I gave you 5 ways to build your email list…but you must be thinking, “How am I going to come up with all this content, Craig?”. And how does that help me make more money online?

I’ll show you below, but first, many of you have to find your niche before you even start creating content.

And if you’re struggling with that…ask yourself these questions…

1) WHO do you want to service?

2) WHAT do you want to provide them?

3) WHO are your raving fans & best clients?

4) WHAT is your expertise that practically no one else has?

Answer those questions, and you’ll find your niche.

Now if there’s one thing fitness pro’s hate as much as “selling”, it’s creating content.

And I know it sounds like you need a lot of content to help build your list, but remember…

A) The articles should be short, 300-500 words. I have written a lot of articles on home fitness workouts because I want to get found for those keywords.

B) If you don’t like to write, do the content by audio and have it transcribed.

C) Use reader/client questions to create content – every email you send someone could be turned into an article.

D) Think about the stories you tell your clients in the gym each day…each lesson you give them can be turned into an article.

E) Have someone do an audio interview with you…then have it transcribed and made into many short articles.

Content creation is a lot easier than you think…

By now, you can see I have no problem creating content about how tosucceed on the Internet, and with a little brainstorming, you’ll find you won’t have a hard time creating content – or making money online - either.

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS
Author, Turbulence Training
Coach of the Online SuperProfits System

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